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Among all the acts of worship (furoo-e-deen), Hajj is the only worship, for which a complete surah (Surah Hajj) is revealed in the Holy Quran. Hajj is also mentioned in Surah Ale Imran and Surah Baqarah. Hajj is also the only worship, which, if started, must be completed and can not be left half-done.

Quran: "And the Hajj is incumbent upon mankind for the sake of Allah, for those who can afford to undertake journey to it; and whoever denies, then surely Allah is Self-sufficient, independent of the worlds", Surah Ale Imran, (3:97).

Hadith 1: If Hajj becomes wajib on a person and it is not performed, then he/she will be raised as a Christian or Jew on the day of judgment.

Hadith 2: When a person, on whom Hajj becomes wajib, completes the Hajj properly, his/her sins are forgiven such as if he/she is a newly born person.

Hadith 3: When a person completes a Hajj properly, his/her every dua is accepted for four months.
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Hajj Packages 

We are confident that you will find our services unmatched as we don't compromise over Quality and Standard of Services, That's why Our Valued and Respected Customers always believe in our services and give us privilege to be their Permanent Travel and Tours Agents.

We are offering different ranges of Hajj & Umrah travel packages including Three (3) Star; Four (4) Star, Five (5) Star & Economical to all of our customers. We try take care of all travel arrangements from boarding, lodging and transportation so that the Pilgrim can perform their prayers with a complete peace of mind.

We will feel proud to be a part of your spiritual journey and feel privileged to take you to your desired religious journey and destination. For all religious travels we offer packages which will suit every pocket and assured you our prompt service.

Performing Hajj or Umrah is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of the occasion. We genuinely extend our services to the community to travel to the Islam's holiest shrines to fulfill their obligation of a lifetime by arranging their Holy journeys with proper care, comfort and dignity. Our aim is to provide travel packages designed to allow you to savor the magic of being in the presence of the most beautiful, imaginable and merciful scenario.By carefully selecting the best hotels and travel, we make sure your accommodation is as close as possible to Haram Shareef itself, and your journeys are as relaxing as they can be.  Hajj & Umrah Sector not only promises great returns but also makes one proud of oneself by serving the guests of ALLAH. Passion, Commitment, Professionalism, and Desire to serve the Guests of ALLAH are a few qualities that one needs to venture in this field. If you wish to make a positive difference in the lives of pilgrims travelling to the holy land and your own get in touch with us.



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